Stephen Curry mouthguard for sale

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, Stephen Curry threw his mouthpiece into the stands during game six of the NBA Finals after he fouled out:

To many, this may just be a disgusting used mouth protector, but to others it is a wondrous object used by an all time great. This fan will want to hold onto this mouthpiece, because a similar object used by Stephen Curry is now being auctioned off.

And as disgusting or unique as that may be, its value has everyone wondering. According to's Darren Rovell, the Stephen Curry memorabilia is expected to go for more than $5,000. That's right you can buy a used car for the same price as a mouthpiece.

Many other famous athletes have had their personal items sold off. Muhammad Ali's mouthpiece was sold as were Ty Cobb's dentures.

Hopefully this fan picked up Curry's used chew toy, because he may have been hit with quite a gold mine.

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