Five things you didn't know about Oklahoma City guard Russell Westrbrook

Russell Westbrook is an ALL-NBA point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but we are guessing you already knew that. Here are five facts you may not have known about the 6-3 point guard.

5. He is the Marketing Creative Director of the denim jeans brand True Religion.

Westbrook also only wears each outfit once before he gives it away.

4. He didn't start on Varsity until his junior year in high school

Westbrook wasn't the same superstar back then. Even he had to wait his time and play multiple season on the junior varsity squad!

3. He didn't receive his first college recruiting letter until the summer before his senior year.

That same summer, Westbrook grew to his summer height of 6-3. A late growth spurt never hurts. He also couldn't dunk until then.

2. His wife also played basketball at UCLA in college.

His wife, Nina, still plays in rec leagues.  Westbrook is a regular attendee of her games, according to ESPN.

1. He has a "KB3" wristband and has "KB3" on his sneakers in honor of his childhood friend Khelcey Barrs. 

His best friend, Khelcey Barrs III, died from an enlarged heart during a pickup game in May 2004. Westbrook and Barrss III had hopes of going to UCLA and playing together, but Barrs suffered a very tragic death. You can see the story here: