Five Things you Didn't Know About Golden State Warriors Forward Kevin Durant

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is a sensational player and has been the topic of discussion this entire off-season. We went beyond the game to learn more than what meets the eye with Durant. Here is a list of our five favorite facts.

5. He aspires to be a rapper.

You can even check out Kevin Durant on Durant isn't the first NBA player to test his rap talents though. Allen Iverson was notoriously well known for his involvement in rap among many other players.


4. He chose to sign an endorsement with Nike over Adidas, despite it being worth less money.


At the time, it was one of the richest sponsorship deals in NBA history. Some people even believe Nike wants Kevin Durant to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is what Bill Simmons said:

"You might remember LeBron successfully reinventing himself in Miami in 2010, then again in Cleveland in 2014. There’s something to be said for a fresh start — it’s a selling point, a fresh narrative that everyone can pound into the ground. Durant returning to OKC won’t help Nike in its holy war against Under Armour unless he wins a title. But Durant building his own Eastern contender in Miami, Boston or Washington, or grabbing the torch from Kobe in Los Angeles for the Lakers? Now that would grab eyeballs and sell sneakers. And Nike has 300 million reasons to hope it happens. We’ll see how much sway Nike has, because if it were up to the company, he’d be gone already."

3. He wears #35 to honor his AAU coach Charles Craig who was murdered at age 35.


Charles Craig was Durant's AAU coach and childhood mentor. Durant played on the PG Jaguars, an Amateur Athletic Union youth basketball team. His team won two national championships. 

2. When he was young, he played basketball with fellow NBA players Ty Lawson, Greivis Vasquez and Michael Beasley.

The four of them played on the same basketball team together and that is one team I would not want to face. Today, Ty Lawson plays for the Indiana Pacers, Greivis Vasquez plays for the Milwaukee Bucks and Michael Beasley plays for the Houston Rockets. All three were first round draft picks, but they currently play in reserve roles.

1. He donated $1 million of his own money to the Red Cross in 2003 to support victims of the Moore tornado. This was then matched by NIKE and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Via Oklahoma National Guard

Oklahoma City is a place that Kevin Durant calls home. He donated $1 million of his own money to the rebuilding efforts. This is what Durant had to say:

"As the day went on and I saw the footage and the casualties and the houses being blown away, it was tough to see," said Durant, who was in Minneapolis to watch longtime friend Monica Wright play a preseason game for the Minnesota Lynx. "I call Oklahoma City my home. I go through Moore all the time. It's unfortunate. We're going to come together as a city like we always do and we're going to bounce back."

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