Athletes in Rap Songs: MLB Edition

Many athletes have been directly involved with rap and others have been thrust into the game anyway. We took a look at what rap artists referenced legendary MLB players Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter.

Barry Bonds

The home-run hitting legend has been named dropped in many many songs. Notably, Kanye West even named a song after him. The chorus goes like this: 

"Life of a Don, lights keep glowing

Coming in the club with that fresh s*** on

With something crazy on my arm

Uh-uh-hum, and here's another hit, Barry Bonds."

But, not every reference to the home-run king was positive. Rapper R.A. the Rugged Man had this line about Barry Bonds in his song "Tom Thum" referencing his steroid use. 

"My flow natural, you artificial, beefed up Barry Bonds at BALCO." 

Ken Griffey Jr.

The left handed hitting legend was name dropped by many famous rappers.

Jay Z cited the slugger in "Hova Song (intro)."
"I consistently take em out the park like Ken Griffey"

Kendrick Lamar rapped this in his "Blood Sport Freestyle.
I’m just having a little fun have some with me. Let’s go baseball now the ‘94 Ken Griffey."

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis even got a piece of the action in their song "My oh My." 

"Here comes Griffey! The throw to the plate’s not in time! My, oh my, the Mariners win it!"

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is one the greatest Yankee players ever and he has his fair share of rap tributes.

French Montana compared himself to some of the greatest athletes of all time in his song "Gifted" and Jeter made the list.

"This that Wayne Gretzky on his last scratch

This that Derek Jeter on his last catch

This that Whitney Houston on her last track

This that Tiger Woods on his last swing

This that Jimi Hendrix on his last string

This that Larry Davis on his last bang"

Rapper Ace Hood also got in the action in his song "Hustle Hard (Remix)."

"B**** my league too major, I’m hip hop Derek Jeter."

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