Five reasons why you should start your own Sports Blog

It's every sports fan's dream...getting paid to write about sports. To be honest, if you want to be a professional sportswriter you will most likely need to get a college degree. It is required at most of the bigger companies, but you can make money blogging about sports with absolutely no experience. If you have been debating whether to start your own blog, debate no more! I am going to convince you to do so with these five reasons!

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1. Make Money

Very few blogging websites pay you anything for writing. They allow you to put in the time and effort, but they reap the financial benefits. is different though. SportsBlog will pay you based on how many views your posts get. The more traffic and clicks you bring, the bigger the payout. You also can win cash prizes if you finish high enough in the leaderboards. They have leaderboards for every major league, conference, division and team!

You will not likely get rich, but I have made some extra spending money to go see multiple sporting events just from blogging.

2. Gain great experience 

I have written for multiple websites and I get the same comment every single time. "We loved how much writing experience you have." Starting your own blog is a great way to gain experience and post as many articles as you want at your leisure. Plus, you can learn what it is like to cover breaking news or injuries, or any wide variety of stories.

Being able to put you have written for an online publication with (possibly) thousands of viewers is great experience.

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3. Show initiative

Starting and running your own Sports Blog shows your future employers that you are willing to take initiative. It shows you are dedicated, hardworking and experienced, all things you will need in the professional field.

But even if you aren't trying to go into journalism, starting and maintaining a blog can be good business experience. You have to manage what content gets put out, focus on ad revenue (based on how many people view your articles) and you have to be well-tuned with social media. Showing you can thrive in a social media environment is pertinent for our technology driven society. 

4. Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio goes right along with gaining experience. Experience is what you will put on your resume, but your portfolio is your collection of articles. Many websites will want a writing sample from you to even consider hiring you. Lucky for you, you will have plenty after starting your own Sports Blog. 

Most websites want you to build a portfolio and write for there website for free, but Sports Blog doesn't. You get to start your own portfolio, but you also get paid doing it!

5. Sports Community

People love to read and debate about sports. Whether this is a list of the top point guards of all time, or whether or not the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals, people love talking about sports. 

Starting a blog is a great way to develop this sense of community. Post your articles on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media you use. People love to read and respond. It is a great way to connect and grow your sphere of influence.


You won't get rich writing about sports, but it is possible to make money. My eating-out budget is solely funded by my sports writing on Here is the link to sign up and start your own Sports Blog or click the picture below!

Click here to start your own Sports Blog!

If you have any additional questions feel free to comment them below!