Five of the Best Touchdown Celebrations

The NFL is full of exciting plays, but the thrilling celebrations after can be even better! We complied five of our favorite NFL celebrations and they do not disappoint. 

Antonio Brown "Pole" Celebration

Antonio Brown showed his skills with an impressive punt return touchdown and capped it off by leaping and straddling the goalpost. 

Terrence Edwards plays Duck, Duck Goose

Some Canadian footballers even know how to celebrate!

Alphonso Smith does the Carlton

He did quite a great job of it too!

The Ickey Shuffle

This great celebration has even been featured on GEICO Commercials. 

Joe Horn Takes a Call

Some calls are just so important you have to take! You can even tell the age of his celebration based on the flip-phone he pulled out.

Terrell Owens (many celebrations)

Terrell Owens had so many incredible celebrations, so we felt it would only be right to post a combination 

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